Monday, July 26, 2010

Hurry up and wait.

Friday April 14-2006 
We woke up and spent the day finishing wrapping the exhaust, getting the fridge secured back where it belongs, I bought new fire extinguishers, and we finished up other odds and ends.  We have to leave the Sea Glass  here in Homer until several things line up to get her to Kodiak.  Big Mike came by and offered to keep an eye on her while we are in Kodiak, and if weather and his schedule come together he may even run it over for us. 

Saturday April 15-2006 
We need to be in Kodiak Monday morning so we left on the ferry, disappointed that we weren't able to run her to Kodiak right now, but at least we were able to get a lot of things finished.

I have to say that Scott has gone to great lengths to humor me on this project.  He had enough experience to know that not all things about boats are fun, is prone to motion sickness, and in general, is not crazy about risky things. In my ignorance I was enthralled with the whole idea of living aboard, and as new empty nesters, I was ready for adventure!

Scott has said over our years together that his whole purpose in life is to make me happy.  I have always laughed this off, but this whole series of events has proven that he actually means this!  I'm sure that left to his own devices, buying a boat like this one, jumping into the whole project and doing all that is needed to get it in shape would not be at the top of any  lists of his! 

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